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Breezair Cooling System

Breezair Cooling System
Breezair Cooling System
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Product Description

 Breezair Cooling System

Commercial and Industrial Cooling World-leading natural cooling technology

Why Breezair?

  • For around four decades, Seeley International’s brands have been

  • synonymous with leading-edge technology, innovative design and

  • superior cooling performance, in addition to outstanding product

  • reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • Seeley International’s dedication to innovation through the

  • highest standards of research, engineering and manufacture,

  • as well as our commitment to excellence in customer service,

  • all combine to deliver the best possible cooling systems at the

  • best possible price.

Permatuf corrosion-proof cabinets, that won’t rust, fade

or discolour – no wonder we guarantee them corrosion-free fo 25 years!

The WATERManager system ensures optimum machine

  • life with minimum maintenance; and

  • The super-efficient Hush Power Direct Drive motor,

  • the quietest motor available.

  • Why evaporative air conditioning?

  • Take the natural approach to air conditioning! Seeley

  • International’s Breezair range of evaporative air conditioners

  • delivers lots of cool, 100% fresh air, at much lower costs

  • than refrigerated cooling methods.

  • Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the only viable option

  • for cooling large areas. A Breezair system uses up to 80%

  • less energy than a refrigerated air conditioning system.

  • Doors and windows can be left open, with absolutely no

  • loss of cooling efficiency.

  • Fresh, clean air

  • The delivered air is 100% fresh, with no risk of recirculated

  • fumes, germs or odours.

  • Most importantly, as the outside temperature rises, the more

  • cooling you get inside – the fundamental benefit of the

  • evaporative process.

  • Flexible cooling

  • If you need to cool small areas within a large space,

  • then evaporative air conditioning gives you the only effective

  • option – spot cooling. With spot cooling, an envelope of cool,

  • high velocity air can be directed to a specific area, irrespective

  • of the surrounding conditions.

  • Feel it for yourself!

Evaporative air conditioning:

  • Is more energy-efficient – cheaper to run

  • Delivers cleaner, healthier air Is easier and cheaper to install

  • Improves productivity through fresh, clean air (less chance 

  • of Sick Building Syndrome or other air-borne problems)

  • Is healthier for the environment – drastically reduced power

  • use, no harmful emissions and no synthetic refrigerants

  • Is easier to maintain

Why Breezair?

How evaporative air conditioning works

Temperature of supply air Moisture control Moisture control impact

Fresh air control Fresh air impact Capital costs – installed Running costs

Refrigerant type used Environmental impact of Refrigerant Moisture added Preserves essential moisture 100% fresh air 100% fresh air eliminates many causes of Sick Building Syndrome Lower Very low Natural - water 

No synthetic refrigerants

Moisture removed

Removes essential moisture

Maximum about 25% fresh air

Recycled air can result in Sick Building Syndrome

Higher  Very high

Synthetic refrigerants have very high global warming

potential. They damage the environment as they leak into

the atmosphere over time


Warehouses, Repair / maintenance areas ,Sports centres ,Institutional facilities,Manufacturing plants, Storage areas, Laundries / dry cleaners

Commercial kitchens,Agricultural facilities, 

Farm building –

dairy / poultry / stables

Cool Care Enterprises

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